Bearskin Lake First Nation Update

News Release from Bearskin Lake First Nation

Chief Kamenawatamin continues to be unwell due to a COVID 19 infection and will take the next few days to rest and focus exclusively on community priorities. He will not be available to the press on January 11th and will reassess his condition on January 12th. Chief Kamenawatamin is offering the following update, however.

Chief Kamenawatamin and his team continue to assess the personnel, health, mental health and other needs in the community and will provide information about gaps once this has been completed. This will include the army personnel being deployed by the federal government. It should be noted however, that because community staff has been reduced significantly, this may take more time than what would occur under normal circumstances.

Finally, the Windigo First Nations Council, and other First Nations organizations and communities continue to provide food, personnel, and vehicle support where possible. Chief Kamenewatamin and his community members are grateful and wish to thank neighbouring communities and other First Nations across Canada for their support. These gestures have been deeply comforting throughout this very trying time.

Chief Kamenawatamin will release comments to the media once a full assessment of military deployment has been conducted.

Bearskin Lake First Nation is located 425 kilometres north of Sioux Lookout on Lake Michikan. It is accessible by air throughout the year, and during the winter months, by ice road. In 1929 they signed Treaty 9 with Ontario and Canada which assured them economic and educational opportunity and Canadian standards of health care and services.

For more information contact: Anne Chabot Windigo First Nations Council c. 416 579 2940

For more information please contact:
Michael Heintzman,
Director of Communications
Cell: (807) 621-2790

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