The NAN Oshkaatisak Council is seeking applicants to join our Council. Please read the following information before filling out an application.

Our Mandate
The NAN Oshkaatisak Council is mandated by resolutions from the Chiefs-in-Assembly to provide guidance and advice to the NAN Chiefs and NAN Executive Council, and to ensure that youth have a voice in the governance of NAN.

Resolution 12/52: Support for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Women’s Council and Oshkaatisak (Young People’s) Council, recognizes that the NAN Oshkaatisak Council is entitled to “proper recognition, support, respect and meaningful engagement,” and mandates the NAN Executive Council to ensure that the perspectives of youth can be heard at Chiefs Assemblies.

Resolution 22/21: Revitalizing the Role of the NAN Oshkaatisak Council’s role as “a voice of youth from across NAN First Nations territory and as meaningful participants in the operations and governance of NAN.”

Responsibilities and Expectations of an Oshkaatisak Council member:

Leadership: The individual must assume a leadership role and demonstrate effective decision-making and guidance within the team.

Teamwork: The individual should possess the ability to work collaboratively with others, fostering a positive team dynamic and achieving common goals.
Mandatory monthly meetings: Attendance at monthly meetings is compulsory, ensuring active participation and contribution to discussions.

Travel: The individual must be able and willing to travel as required for organizational purposes, such as conferences, workshops, or meetings.

Vulnerable sector check: Successful completion of a vulnerable sector check is mandatory to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved. (Click here for more information on vulnerable sector checks)

Availability for youth council events: The individual should be available to participate in various youth council events, which may include workshops, seminars, or community initiatives such as:
● Four Chiefs meeting in assembly a year
● Spring five day youth gathering (March or April)
● Other related events

3-year term: The term of the position is three years, during which the person is expected to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments.

Compensation: The individual will be compensated for all work related to the position, acknowledging the time and effort dedicated to fulfilling the role.

Public speaking: Proficiency in public speaking is required, as the individual may be required to represent the organization or deliver speeches and presentations on behalf of the youth council.

What are the roles of a member of the Oshkaatisak “All Young Peoples” Council:

  • Oshkaatisak Council Chair/Communications
  • Advisory Council Liaison
  • Infrastructure and Housing Advisor
  • Environment, Energy, and Climate Change Advisor
  • Health Transformation Advisor
  • Community Wellness Advisor
  • Social Services Advisor
  • Education Advisor
  • Justice Advisor
  • Administration, Operations, and Finance Advisor
  • Governance & Treaty Implementation Advisor

A member of the Oshkaatisak Council must be:
● A registered band member who is either living on- or off-reserve, of a NAN recognized First Nation in Treaty 9 and the Ontario portion of Treaty 5.
● Living within the boundaries of Ontario (exceptions can be made in case-by-case situations).
● Between the eligible ages of 18 and 26 (inclusive) when applying to the council.
● The Oshkaatisak Council will have at all times at least one representative who identifies as Two-Spirit.

Things you should have ready before starting this registration:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Status Card

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