Seven Youth Inquest Jury Recommendations

document icon Seven Youth Inquest Jury Recommendations

The Seven Youth Inquest (the Inquest) examined the circumstances of the deaths of seven First Nation youth from 2000 to 2011. All seven youth died while attending high school in Thunder Bay, far away from their families and home First Nation communities.

NAN remembers Jethro Anderson (2000), Curran Strang (2005), Paul Panacheese (2006), Robyn Harper (2007), Reggie Bushie (2007), Kyle Morrisseau (2009) and Jordan Wabasse (2011).

The goal of the Inquest was to prevent similar future deaths or any other matter arising out of the Inquest.

The Inquest began hearing evidence on October 5, 2015, and the Jury returned its verdict on June 28, 2016. The Jury heard evidence from 165 witnesses and considered 185 exhibits. The verdict contains 145 Jury recommendations directed at improving accountability, safety and education outcomes for all NAN students. The Jury recommendations were directed to the various parties to the Inquest including NAN, multiple levels of government, police services, education organizations, and service providers.

Following the Jury verdict, NAN immediately called for a process for the immediate implementation of the Jury recommendations. A formal process was created through the Political Table and Education Table for regular follow-up on the recommendations, and to ensure implementation.

NAN continues this work to honour the memory of the seven youth. Each anniversary year on June 28, all organizations that received recommendations prepare and release their progress reports indicating the implementation status of the recommendations.