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NAN-Wide ICIP Internet Connectivity and IT Implementation Support

Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) territory encompasses James Bay Treaty No. 9 and the Ontario portion of Treaty No. 5, a landmass covering two-thirds of the Province of Ontario, spanning 210,000 square miles. Our people traditionally speak Cree and Algonquin in the east, OjiCree in the west, and Ojibway in the central south area.  NAN represents 49 First Nations with a total population (on and off-reserve) of approximately 45,000 people grouped by Tribal Council. Six of our member Nations are not affiliated with a specific Tribal Council.

Through this Request for Proposal (RFP) NAN is seeking a qualified consultant or consulting firm to provide support for the following work:

  1. Installation of 2128 Starlink Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite installations in student homes across NAN territory.
  2. Application and configuration of IT upgrades necessary to support the security and privacy requirements necessary for providing education services through Starlink installations to NAN students.

This project will build on current best practices to enable First Nations to provide online services that comprehensively support education attainment and success. This work will be First Nations directed and managed.

The deadline for RFP submissions is 5:00 p.m. EST, September 20, 2021.

Any questions and proposals may be directed to:

Jamie Saunders, Infrastructure Advisor