Advisory Councils

NAN has several advisory councils that advise and support the work of the Executive Council and staff.

Elder’s Council

The NAN Elder’s Council consists of members from all geographic areas of NAN territory. Selected for their vision and experience, they review NAN resolutions and provide guidance and advice to Chiefs and the Executive Council.

Our Elders also provide direction on their understanding of Treaty No. 9 and Treaty No. 5, stating that our Treaties would protect First Nations way of life, and that NAN First Nations never surrendered their title to their land.

Women’s Council

The NAN Women’s Council ensures that women’s and family issues, and their priorities and needs, are identified and addressed.

The Women’s Council honours its leadership role by:

  • Participating in the decision-making process of NAN by being representatives and active participants within NAN Chiefs Assemblies.
  • Providing support and direction to the Deputy Grand Chief responsible for the portfolio on women’s issues.
  • Working to support the collective needs of women’s issues, concerns, and priorities.
  • Promoting and facilitating community-based and governmental action required to address women’s issues by leading forums, advocating for resources and embracing their leadership and advisory role.
  • Ensuring that women have meaningful participation in the strategies and initiatives led by NAN.

Oshkaatisak (All Young People’s) Council

The Oshkaatisak (All Young Peoples) Council represents the youth of NAN. The Oshkaatisak Council strives to promote youth empowerment and engagement with the goal of improving the livelihood and hope for the future of all NAN youth.

The Oshkaatisak Council supports youth by:

  • Advocating for youth at the local, regional, national and international level.
  • Sharing and promoting the successes of First Nations youth.
  • Creating opportunities for youth to enhance leadership skills and healthy behaviours.
  • Participating in NAN Chiefs Assemblies as the voice of youth.
  • Identifying ways to increase advocacy, coordination and strategic ways to increase resources and supports for NAN youth.

Nikanigawbowin Council

The Nikanigawbowin Council (Nikanigawbowin: to lead the way; to stand up for something) is a survivor-led initiative that promotes the inclusion of survivors’ and families’ voices and provides direction for the vision of how the work by the department needs to be approached. By utilizing their knowledge, lived experience, and expertise as survivors of the Indian Residential Schools, we can move forward in a good way.

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